Episode 2

Published on:

4th Aug 2020

Get Level with the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Rich Desrosiers, VP of Communications and Public Relations at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, joins Josh Aul and Percival Garner III to discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the annual Hall of Fame Enshrinement Week.

We cover numerous topics:

  1. Hear about new and exciting attractions at the Hall
  2. Learn about new projects the Hall is working on, including healthcare and insurance for current and former players + the NEW video-on-demand service from the Hall and Bleacher Report
  3. Listen to the impacts COVID-19 has made, canceling the entire celebration week
  4. BUT you'll hear the plans for Enshrinement Week in 2021 which will be "Twice the Fun in '21"
  5. Catch up on the plans for Hall of Fame Village, including the hotel, water park, conference center, restaurants, and more!
  6. And last, Rich answers the big question on every football fan's mind: how will the NFL season look in 2020?


With the cancelation of the Hall of Fame activities that were supposed to take place this week, this conversation helps bring clarity and understanding to the why's and how's of canceling the events. 2020 didn't pan out for the Centennial Class, but the plans for 2021 promise to make Enshrinement Week one of the greatest ever held.

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